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(in)Visible, a new evening-length work by Jess Curtis/Gravity, dislocates vision from the center of your experience. Developed in collaboration with—and particularly focusing on access to culture for—blind and visually impaired audiences, (in)Visible is created and performed by an international cast of six blind, visually impaired and sighted body-based dancer/performers who dance, sing, whisper and feel their way into your consciousness, bringing experimental dance/performance and sensory accessibility practices into a rich and moving interaction.

Conceived, Directed: Jess Curtis
Created, Performed: Sherwood Chen, Gabriel Christian, Rachael Dichter: Sophia Neises, Xenia Taniko, and Tiffany Taylor
Composer: Samuel Hertz
Costume, Scenic Design: Michiel Keupers
Lighting Design, Technical Direction: Gretchen Blegen
Extra-visual Access Consultants: Georgina Kleege, Gerald Pirner
Philsophical Consultant: Alva Noë
Producer: Alley Wilde
Producer (DE): Julia Danila
Assistant Producer (DE): Alina Saggerer
Administrative Associate (US): Chibueze Crouch
Photos: Robbie Sweeny &
by Jess Curtis/Gravity (2019)
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all photos by sven hagolani